pushing paper

And is there ever a lot of paper to be pushed. But first: more music limericks! The mighty Mairead Case requested a dirty set about Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy):

“It’s from one of my favorite boutiques,
though it looks rather tight on the cheeks.
+++Have you seen my shaved pen–” “Oh,
+++my God, Mr. Eno–”
“Shush, Chrissie! Check out my Obliques.”

Freddie Smith’s blowing more than the count-in.
Manzanera’s warm jet’s like a fountain.
+++The Portsmouth Sinfonia’s
+++Got 801 bonias,
And guess who’s the tiger they’re mountin’?

The central shaft’s widely endowed–
The last one turned into a crowd.
+++Peter-punishing Pauls
+++Plugged Regina’s red walls;
Judy’s jungle felt mildly Mao-Mao’ed.

Anyway. Things I’ve published lately:

At MTV Hive: pieces on the history of “Zombie Jamboree,” various David Bowie collaborations, and contractual-obligation records,

At Pitchfork: reviews of Wire’s Change Becomes Us, the reissues of the first two Dump albums, and Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine.

At Spin: a handful of entries for the Top 100 Alternative Albums of the ’60s feature.

At eMusic: a feature on Don Giovanni Records.

I also assembled a quick-and-dirty Tumblr of marriage-equality icons.