the muttering whistle

You know: the one that says “if I could only tell you about the things I’m working on now.” But I can’t! So I mutter and whistle and whistle-mutter instead.

New bylines:

*at MTV Hive, a history of the various incarnations of Black Flag, and a roundup of bands inspired by My Bloody Valentine

*at eMusic, interviews with FIDLAR and Local Natives, plus a review of the Hot French Chicks in the Garage compilation

*in O magazine and, a little piece about Becky Cloonan

And I made a pretty good winter-melon soup with little pieces of tofu in it the other day; that counts for something, right? (I also tried to make a sauce for veggie “khao man gai” from this recipe–it took me a little while to find all the ingredients, but I did it–but what came out was way way too salty. Back to the drawing board.)