onward to Act I

At the New Year’s Eve party I attended last night, a few people asked me what I’m working on these days. And since it’s been a good long while since I actually updated here (for reasons roughly 15 parts laziness to 1 part struggling with blogging software), that’s a decent question. My regular gigs at the moment:

*A weekly column, “Missed Connections,” for MTVHive. (Here’s the archive.)

*A weekly blog, Dredd Reckoning, in which I’m reviewing every collection of Judge Dredd and related comics. (I’ll be completing that project this month, though.) Relatedly: a monthly back-page text feature for IDW’s Judge Dredd series.

*Monthly graphic novel reviews for the Washington Post. (The first, on Brandon Graham et al.’s Prophet vol. 1, is up here.)

*A bimonthly column for Print magazine on album cover design. (A roundup of five of my favorites of 2012 is here.)

Beyond those, I’m contributing somewhere between “occasionally” and “frequently” to a bunch of publications:

*TIME! (Recently: my ten favorite songs of 2012 and a piece on One Direction’s songwriters.)

*The New York Times! (Recently: a graphic novel roundup, and a review of Chris Ware’s Building Stories.)

*Spin! (Recently: an essay about notable very long songs of 2012.)

*The Forward! (Recently: a review of El Iluminado.)

*Pitchfork! (Recently: reviews of Girls Aloud’s Ten and Amy Winehouse’s At the BBC.)

*Kotaku! (Recently: a discussion of various Marvel Now! titles.)

And there are a few still-secret projects in the works. More on those when I can let them be not-so-secret.