firecracker firecracker

Boom boom boom, as Half Japanese said. Hi. The fireworks are going off, there’s a singer/guitarist on the other side of the lake with a loud amplifier and a middling command of the Beatles catalogue, there’s the lingering scent of corn-on-the-cob in the air: it’s summer.

This coming Tuesday is a bit of an event for me: the release of [*Smooth Sounds: Various Artists Play the Future Hits of WCKR SPGT*](, one of the four times I can think of that a recording I performed on has been released by somebody else. WCKR SPGT wrote a whole bunch of songs specifically for their admirers to perform; I got one called “Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge on the City of Los Angeles,” which I arranged in a style I like to think of as “Ned’s Atomic Dustbin outtake.”

A few things I’ve written lately: on Jesse Reklaw’s [*Ten Thousand Things to Do*](, [comics that should run forever](, Alan Moore and Alan Davis’s [*D.R. and Quinch*](, [what digital comics are worth](, and [supervillain comics](, all over at Techland; on [Konono No. 1](, the [Television Personalities](, and [Tender Trap](, over at Pitchfork; on [a bunch of recent graphic novels](, for the *New York Times Book Review*.

And that’s not counting the project that occupied a lot of the last month, which should be surfacing sometime later this summer. Details when they’re public.