march, forth

Updates here continue to be infrequent and not-really-news-filled. That will change, for the better, sooner or later. But here’s my monthly what-I’ve-been-up-to check-in:

A *New York Times Book Review* [piece]( on a handful of vintage-comic-strip reprint books

A bunch of columns and features at Techland, including pieces on Jason Shiga’s [*Meanwhile*](, on [*Punisher Max* and *Cry for Justice*](, on [*Siege* and *Krazy Kat*](, and on [music in comics](

A couple of features on eMusic: on [the Chills’ *Submarine Bells*]( and on [a bunch of Sub Pop albums](

A few reviews at Pitchfork: the [*Nigeria Afrobeat Special*]( compilation and [the Kleenex/LiLiPUT live album](

A quick review of Jules Feiffer’s memoir [*Backing Into Forward*]( over at the Barnes & Noble Review

A pair of brief appreciations for Hilobrow: [Lady Gaga]( and [Rick Rubin’s Queen remixes](

My first post at the NAJP’s blog ARTicles, on Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez’s outstanding [*Perfumes: The A-Z Guide*](

So: a reasonably productive month word-count-wise. Not as productive in other ways, maybe, but that’s what April will be for, right?