shaking like a willow or a daffodil

Things I’ve done in the past month:

*Reviewed the Canadian hardcore band Fucked Up’s Couple Tracks over at Pitchfork

*Wrote a couple of pieces over at Thought Catalog, on The Magnetic Fields’ Realism and Spider-Man’s search for a father substitute (and also covered a Magnetic Fields show for Vulture)

*Visited New York City and had a whole lot of meetings with people and saw Saffire, not the “uppity blues women” Saffire but the “awesome very young women who blew the roof off the Willie Mae Rock Camp benefit” Saffire

*Wrote a bunch of pieces for Techland, including an ongoing weekly column on comics that’s going by the name “Emanata”: on The Question #37, on DMZ, on DC’s new top dogs (plus an interview with them), on Kick-Ass, on the sources of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and on Batman and Robin. And I wrote my first-ever piece in Time proper: a very, very short blurb on the excellent new Joanna Newsom album.

*Interviewed the great Kevin O’Neill at length over at The Comics Journal

*Saw Richard Thompson play a two-set show here in Portland that was being recorded for a live album: one set of unreleased new material, one of old faves–his songwriting’s in steep decline (I was kind of boggled that he wrote a song about Burning Man, and wondered if he’d actually been there), but his guitar playing is actually still getting even better; if there are 24-year-old guitarists who are even vaguely in his neighborhood I’d love to know about them

*Discovered that chatroulette is much, much more fun if you do it with a) friends and b) multiple singing puppets

I’ll keep up more if you keep up more, how’s about that?