subject alpha activity report

It occurs to me that I should post what-I’m-up-to links–

On November 19, I’ll be giving a very brief (5 minutes) lecture as part of Ignite Portland 7. It’s free, and should be a lot of fun. (I may also be giving some kind of lecture on the 11th; details to come.)

I’m still writing a bunch of reviews over at Pitchfork, most recently the newish Madonna best-of.

I wrote about David Small’s Stitches over at Bookforum.

And I’m continuing to post weekly previews of comics over at Comics Alliance.

Lots of other stuff I’ve been working on is Not Out Yet, I’m afraid, although I’m particularly excited to note that I’ll have a tiny little piece in the San Francisco Panorama, which looks to be the single best newspaper ever, and possibly the last.