three el wicker

I’m slow to update, I know, but this has been the week where I seriously throw myself into academics, with the result that it’s also been the week where other stuff I ought to deal with gets neglected and I don’t sleep nearly enough. (Had to wake up very early this morning to go sign up for yoga for next semester, once again with the appropriately cruel, inspiringly limber Columbia F.) Spent a while last night learning how to use Photoshop in earnest, and putting together a rather goofy composite self-portrait for the digital media class; might put it up here eventually, if I end up liking it.

My assignment for the drawing class right now is to find and make copies of three black & white photos I love enough to draw them over and over and over for weeks. One very strong contender is this–Zero Mostel in Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, in 1961. It’s not the photo I clipped years ago of him in the same role (and have mentioned here before)–that was a Richard Avedon photo, and when I dug it up today after a bit of research, it was actually probably a better photo, but also very very Richard Avedon. Not sure if I can take looking at this one for that long, but I do like it a lot. Also copied a Roni Horn photo of water–though I might substitute one of the pictures from You Are the Weather. Still seeking a third contender.