“the Jesus year”

I turn 33 today. My friend Sharon Mesmer calls it that: “you do your best work, but you get crucified for it.”

Stayed up very late last night assembling a mix CD to give to the friends I see today, since I believe firmly in the importance of giving people presents on one’s birthday. A lot of that time was spent in a teeth-gnashing sequencing difficulty, which lasted until I realized that my problems stemmed from my neuro-compulsive need to make mix CDs last more than 73 minutes and 50 seconds and less than 74 minutes. Deleted one brief, irritating track, and then a longer, good but not-really-appropriate-here one, ended up just over 72 minutes, hit “burn,” and so to bed.

Speaking of which, one of the many other people who’s adopted Movable Type for a weblog in the last few days is Samuel (listed to the left in “people”)–worth a look.

4 thoughts on ““the Jesus year”

  1. Vulgarweed (you know who)


    (Must I be the one to point out that you are also now a full legal adult in hobbit terms?)

  2. Matos

    the bank’s been slow to process my freelance checks of late but sometime early next week I’ll be sending you along those R&B CDs. happy birthday!

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