indistinct, predictive

The “posting the new year’s resolutions” thing worked out nicely in 2002 (well, sort of), so here’s the list for this year. You may notice that it bears certain similarities to last year’s list.

In general:

*Start an art movement of some kind.

*Drink lots of water.

*Learn to drink alcohol (in moderation, of course).

Every day:

*Write in my diary (not the online one)–the point of this is to not lose time, which is what happens when I don’t keep notes on it.

*Exercise for a full hour, including at least half an hour at one continuous activity (this resolution is only binding for January; after that, I’ll renegotiate).

Every week:

*Finish reading a book.

*Write or co-write a song.

Every month:

*Complete some kind of bigger-than-small-scale creative project.

If you’ve got resolutions of your own, well, this would be a perfect time to try out the comment feature in the new lacunae, wouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “indistinct, predictive

  1. rebecca

    wooo loook woooo woooo wooooo i’m so loving the new lacunae!!! woooooooooo


    did i mention WOOO.

    god help me i don’t know what got into me.


  2. geegaw

    I like the new look! The bizarre thing is, I converted my site over to Movable Type on the same day… I hope your back archives go online too at some point? have a terrific new year –G.

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